Dragon Industries explosion venting bolts obtained FM certification

Release time: 2019/05/24 Source: Dragon Industries

The explosive venting bolts developed by Dragon Industries independently recently obtained the famous third party testing institutions, the United States FM certification (FM Approvals) successfully.


Dragon Industries became the second company in the world to obtain explosion venting bolt FM certification.


The acquisition of FM certification means the explosion venting bolts has been recognized by renowned third party testing institutions and customers around the world, and can be sold and used worldwide.



Explosion venting bolts should be used in warehouse, nuclear power plants, petrochemicals, electronics, new energy, medicine, military, tobacco, food and other places. There are used to ensure that the explosion venting door, window, wall and roof to relief the pressure accurate and instantaneous, to solve the problem of accurate pressure relief of fiber reinforced cement system.


The explosion venting bolts developed by Dragon industries will be used in the national key R&D program of the “13th Five-Year Plan” undertaken by Beijing Institute of Technology, Sinopec, etc., "Public Safety Risk Prevention & Control and Emergency Technical Equipment - Key Technology Research and Demonstration for Typical Hazardous Chemicals Explosion Mechanism and Accident Prevention & Control".


FM certification: FM Global’s FM ertification is widely recognized worldwide, and it shows that the product or service has passed the highest standards in United States and internationally.


For more details, please visit: www.FMapprovals.com


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