Dust Explosion Solution



With more than 10 years of experience in engineering consulting services for the Dust Explosion industry, Dragon Industries is in a unique position to provide guidance and support in both leading edge risk assessment and risk management. Dragon Industries has performed hundreds of projects for the Dust Explosion industry, across a broad portfolio of services.



Examples of Defence projects include:


Audit and Protocol Development

Hazard Identification

Consequence & Risk Assessment Studies

Safety Instrumented Systems


Best Practices

Risk Reduction Evaluation and Support

Post-Incident Investigations

Loss Prevention Engineering

Capital Project Support


Protection Equipments:



Explosion Venting Panel

Explosion Venting Duct

Flameless Venting Device

Isolation Flap Valve

Isolation Float Valve

Isolation Pinch Valve

Fast-acting Machanical Valve

Suppression System

Spark Detection and Extinguishing system

Electrostatic protection

System Blast Resistant Wall

Upgrade Non-blast building to blast building

Blast Resistant Door

Blast Resistant Window

Explosion Venting door